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    The Brit

    my wife, three-year-old daughter and I wanted to enjoy a picnic at the pond to celebrate Father’s Day tonight. As it was so hot, we sat on a blanket, rather than one of the picnic tables, in the shade.
    Would have been great but for three dog owners in the space of 20 minutes not having any control of their pets, who ran towards and frightened my little girl. Two of the dogs actually ate some of our food.
    I love dogs, but know the basic principal of having them on a lead in a public spot, particularly one frequented regularly by little children. Sadly these three didn’t, although at least one of them genuinely tried to stop the dog and was sorry.
    The last owners were particularly insensitive and unapologetic, actually seeming to suggest we were wrong to be annoyed as their pet wolfed down some of our strawberries as I clutched hold of my scared daughter. ‘It’s a dog’ one of them said, as if that made it ok.
    I appreciate the nature reserve is a great spot to let dogs off the leash, but they should all be on a lead at the pond. Perhaps be a bit more considerate in future?

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