04 Aug

Redefining a Human Resource’s Role Function – Making It Measurable

Professionals working Resource Function takes solicit at a fact their function is descriptive in character and output is subjective and their performance ca not be measured. Is it true? Definitely not, HR professionals’ operation can be measured like professionals and any other purposes. Let us reassess and redefine the role of HR Function. Do you believe these are roles of HR Experts? Allow me to ask you few questions. Can Human Resource professionals of associations –

 Hire a new employee or terminate the employment of any worker by itself?

Recommend or decide Merit increase for any worker or recommend a promotion for a worker to the degree within a hierarchy by itself?

Provide training, Coaching or mentorship by itself to any employee of business?

Approve paid leave or sick?

Create Execute or culture change?

Response these of all Questions is NO. HR professionals ca not do some of the activities without getting recommendations from team manager or functional. What is the role of HR Professionals within an?


1 Consultant – HR Professionals shall be a part of solutions, results, and replies. They will not be a part of complications or problems. They will be well-versed with competencies and Moon jae in approval rating needed to be successful in an organization they will have the understanding of all job descriptions which may exist within an organization. They help them find ways to create competitive edge and shall offer services.

2 Communicator – It has been stated that HR Pros are a messenger between management and remainder of workers OR they create a bridge between employees of management and business. It is not correct. They are not messengers. They are they will understand messages interpret it from the language being known by stakeholders, pick medium of communication and convey it efficiently and effectively as possible without becoming involved in the communication procedure. They will be empathetic but not perceptible. The company place is not an acceptable place. They will need to convey decisions of management to times and workers they will need to converse difficulties and issues of workers. It has been seen by becoming involved in it, that the message deteriorates.

3 Procedure owners – HR Pros are process owners. They shall make sure that all procedures are followed with no exceptions. They have a tendency to create aggravation and frustration among workers when they begin creating a feeling of favoritism and prejudice and taking exceptions. They will work towards the development of procedures in order to make them easy follow and to comprehend and thus improve process efficiency by saving source and time. They will use procedures to improve.

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